Tormod's Norway Pictures, 2004

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January 2004:
Cold day skiing at Gautefall, Telemark
January 2004:
Winter morning at Jonsknuten, Kongsberg
Ski tracks at Jonsknuten, Kongsberg
February 2004:
Popular cross country ski tracks in Oslo,
between Sognsvann and Ullevålseter
Twilight time.
Soon home from a long day skiing in Oslo
March 2004:
View at Gålå, towards the Gudbrandsdalen
valley and Rondane mountains
April 2004:
Easter in Vrådal, Telemark. View from the
downhill slopes towards lake Nisser
May 2004:
Krokane farm in Tørdal, Telemark
May 17, 2004:
Constitution Day in Skien, Telemark.
Henrik Ibsen statue and Skien Church
Traditional celebration with
children's parades in Skien
May 2004:
Dandelions (løvetann) in Tørdal
May 2004:
Late, unexpected snowfall in Tørdal
May 2004:
Pentacost Sunday at Krokane, Tørdal
July 2004:
Tormod hiking in Jotunheimen
Tormod hiking in the
Jotunheimen mountains
July 2004:
Fishing boat and boat houses at the
Mausund island, Frøya (near Trondheim)
Sunset at Mausund Waiting for the coast express boat:
Gudny, Tormod, Lars Gaute and Helene
July 2004:
Heddal stave church, Telemark
Ivar in the 'fern forest' at Krokane, Tørdal Kragerø, Telemark
July 2004:
Boat trip on lake Nisser.
Treungen village in Nissedal, Telemark
Tor Kjell and Anne Margrethe gossiping Island in lake Nisser
Relaxing day on island in lake Nisser,
picnicing and sunbathing
August 7, 2004:
Helene and Lars Gaute's wedding.
Outside Tørdal Church
Helene and Lars Gaute
in Tørdal Church
Helene and Lars Gaute
ready to leave Tørdal Church
Helene Helene and Lars Gaute in the car
Dinner at Gautefall Hotell Candle ceremony One of the official wedding pictures
August 2004:
Tor Kjell, Gudny, Jerry and Carol Holte
August 2004:
Jørgen Holte's birthday party
(91 years old) with Reidar Sollid
September 2004:
Bø village in Tørdal,
seen from Askedalskollen
View of lake Bjorvann,
seen from Askedalskollen
December 2004:
Helene and Lars Gaute at Christmas Day.
Dinner table in Gudny and Tor Kjell's house
Selection of traditional Norwegian
Christmas cookies

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