August 1999

1. Oahu (Waikiki Beach / Honolulu)
2. Maui
Sunset at Kapalua, Maui Hanaka'o'o Beach Park in Kaanapali,
near our hotel in Lahaina, the
Maui Islander
John Olav is enjoying the beach Paradise, Hawaiian Style
The winding Highway to Hana Tormod at Kaihalulu Bay, near Hana
John Olav at one of the many waterfalls in the rainforest Coconut, anyone?
Seven Pools of Hana Seven Pools of Hana
Seven Pools of Hana:
The waterfall meets the Pacific Ocean
Waia'napanapa State Park,
Black Sand Beach
The next wave wasn't quite as kind... Contrasts of Maui:
Puu Kukui seen from Kaanapali Beach
Sunset in Lahaina Awalua Beach
Free Falling?
Or above the clouds at the Haleakala volcano?
Tormod and John Olav at the top of the volcano.
Altitude: 10,023 feet / 3,055 meters
Don't look back! Kalahaku overlook / Haleakala crater
From the highest mountain... ...to the Makena beach
Natural, undeveloped beach at Makena Maui has beaches in all shapes and sizes;
This one is near Lahaina
"No rain, no rainbows"... John Olav getting ready for a Hawaiian Feast, the Luau
All you can eat - all you can drink... Hula show the last night - before it's time to go home...

1. Oahu (Waikiki Beach / Honolulu)
2. Maui

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