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12 May 07 Updated Family Tree: Index/Map, Individuals, Surnames
(Thanks to Paul Lea, Lee Holte, Jonathan Holte, Dennis Bartholomew, Anita Smith Lunde, Jill McGuire,
Barb DeMuth, Olive Dalen, Val Smith, Jason Davis, Elyse Holte, Loree Branby and Pete Holte for contributions!)
Changed to 'Summer' layout
09 Dec 06 Changed to 'Christmas' layout
24 Apr 06 Changed to 'Summer' layout
8 Jan 06 Changed to 'Winter' layout
19 Dec 05 Changed to 'Christmas' layout
29 Jun 05 Updated Family Tree: Index/Map, Individuals, Surnames
(Thanks to Elaine May, Turina Marchant, Gladys Engebretson, Tammy Stahl, Mark Holte, Duncan Lemmon,
Cathy (Cunningham) Holte, Brent Holte, Karring Moan, and Lloyd Martindale, for contributions!)
01 Jan 05 New Page: Norway Pictures, 2004
28 Nov 04 Changed to 'Christmas' layout
27 Sep 04 Changed to 'Fall' layout
13 Jul 04 Changed to 'Summer' layout
23 Feb 04 New Page: Family Re-Union in Canada
New Family Tree Format: Index/Map, Individuals, Surnames

(Thanks to Turina Marchant, Gladys Engebretson, Elaine May, Vidar Lunde,
Cindy and Leon Mettling, for contributions!)
20 Jan 04 Changed to 'Winter' layout
17 Dec 03 New Page: Norway Pictures, 2003
09 Dec 03 Changed to 'Christmas' layout
5 Nov 03 Changed to 'Fall' layout
Updated Family Tree

(Thanks to Bruce Holte, Vidar Lunde and Jerry Holte for contributions!)
30 Jun 03 Updated Family Tree
(Thanks to Darlene LaVeine, John Roger Dyrseth,
Jeff Foster, Geir Halvor Sollid,
and Darrel Bekkerus for contributions!
Added link to Michael J. Foster Memorial Website
(Great-grandson of Frances (Holte) Peterson)
02 May 03 Changed to 'Summer' layout
16 Jan 03 Changed to 'Winter' layout
02 Dec 02 Updated Family Tree
(Thanks to Miles and Doreen Kuryvial, Rick Bekkerus
, Stephen and Ginny DeNeui, Jim and Virginia Martin,
and Vidar Lunde for contributions!
New page: BÝ Family
Updated "Parents and Sister" page
Changed to 'Christmas' layout
14 Jul 02 Updated Family Tree
(Thanks to Tor Ellefsen, Thomas Holtey, Richard Hanson, Traci Anne Bade, Kaylene Hansen, Dawn Hansen,
Kristine Hansen, Shannon Efteland, Stephanie Holte, Christine Meloni and Darrel Bekkerus for contributions!)
25 Apr 02 Changed to 'Summer' layout
08 Mar 02 Changed to 'Winter' layout (Yes, it's winter for another while here)
Updated page Break a leg with 3 new pictures
Updated Family Tree (Thanks to Jeffrey Foster, Duncan Lemmon, Richard Hanson and Tormod Haugen)
11 Dec 01 Changed to 'Christmas' layout
21 Sep 01 Changed to 'Fall' layout
Updated Family Tree (Thanks to Jill Louise Foster and Audrey Holtey Bruning)
"Parents and Sister" page
09 Jun 01 Updated Family Tree (Thanks to Gail Norman, Nancy & Dennis McClinton)
21 May 01 Changed to 'Summer' layout
New page: Various pictures from 2000 and 2001
Updated page
Break a leg with 3 new pictures
27 Feb 01 Removed Christmas animation
14 Dec 00 Changed to 'Christmas' layout
27 Sep 00 Changed to 'Fall' Layout
Family Tree (Thanks to Dianne Podulsky, Geri Engle, Richard Hanson and Barb DeMuth)
"Parents and Sister" page
14 Jul 00 Added new page: Break a leg...!
Added summer pictures of
Audi A3
"Parents and Sister" page
03 Jul 00 Changed to 'Summer' Layout
13 Feb 00 Updated Family Tree Pages
"Quick Link" to Halvor Thorson Holte
"Parents and Sister" page
12 Feb 00 Removed Christmas animation
02 Dec 99 Changed to 'Christmas' layout
Added new page:
My car, Audi A3
16 Nov 99 Added new pages and pictures:
Summer vacation
Hawaii, August 1999
05 Oct 99 Added new page: Web Links
Changed to 'Fall' Layout
Added 3 new pictures (
1 2 3) to Mausund page
Family Tree Pages (Thanks to Arne Robert Johansen and Geir Halvor Sollid)
26 Jun 99 Updated Family Tree Pages
Added more
Old Holte family pictures
Added new pictures to
Skien page
new picture to Mausund page
16 Mar 99 New structure for Holte Family Pages
Added pages for
Old Pictures and Places of Interest
06 Mar 99 Added Family Tree Pages
24 Jan 99 Added easier shortcuts to Summer 1998 in USA and Norway
24 Jan 99 Removed 'Christmas' layout
26 Dec 98 Added pages for Summer 1998
14 Dec 98 Added 'Christmas' layout and Christmas Greeting
20 Nov 98 Homepage created

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